Jury finds Jermaine Jackson guilty on two counts of first degree murder in 2012 QuikTrip shooting

TULSA - A Tulsa jury has found Jermaine Jackson  guilty of two counts of first degree murder in a 2012 shooting. 

The 19-year-old was convicted Friday evening of shooting and killing 18-year-old Krisjan Thorsson and 37-year-old John White Sept. 8, 2012 at a south Tulsa QuikTrip.

According to the prosecutor, Thorsson and Jackson knew each other through school. On the night of the shooting, Thorsson and White, who knew each other through Thorsson's mother, went to the convenience store.

At some point along the way there was an altercation, and a QuikTrip clerk testified to seeing Jackson empty his gun into the victims' vehicle.

According to prosecutors, Jackson called a mutual friend after the shooting, admitting to killing Thorsson.

Jackson's defense argues that the shooting was self-defense and the teenager feared for his life when White reached for an object in his car.

"It's unreasonable to believe that he would shoot his best friend (Thorsson)," said defense attorney David Phillips. "It's unreasonable to assume, without provocation, that he would shoot into that car."

The prosecution disagrees with Phillips' self-defense claim.

"When you shoot a gun 10 times into a vehicle, you're intending to kill," said prosecutor Julie Doss.

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