June 2011 on pace for among hottest ever in Tulsa

TULSA - If June 2011 ended today, the month would end up #5 for hottest recorded June in Tulsa.

So far this month, the average daily temperature (average of low and high temperature) is 83.7 degrees through June 25. This temperature is 6.4 degrees warmer than normal.

But the month isn't over!

With forecast highs near 100 and lows near 80, temperatures will run almost 10 degrees warmer than normal on most days for the rest of the month.

June 2011 could climb as high #2. The current record for second place is 84.2 degrees set in 1925.

The hottest June ever recorded occurred exactly 100 years ago in 1911. The average June temperature that year was 85.8. Interesting to note that this month has been hotter than June 1980. Many Tulsans remember that summer among the hottest ever.

If you missed my two-week outlook on the Saturday morning news, highs near 100 are likely for the first week of July.

Five hottest Junes in Tulsa:

1. 1911 - 85.8
2. 1925 - 84.2
3. 1953 - 84.1
4. 1934 - 84.1
5. 1980 - 82.5

So far this June: 83.7

Stay cool! George


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