Julie Chin leaving KJRH Channel 2 after nine years forecasting weather

TULSA - It's a day many of us in the Channel 2 newsroom didn't see coming - the day we would say goodbye to Julie Chin.

On Dec. 23, Julie will make her way into the weather center at an hour that many of us haven't seen since our college years.

She'll log in to all those computers and begin putting together her final forecast.

Soon thereafter she'll clip her microphone on and place the mic's transmitter in the only place it's ever known - her signature sock. If you've never seen Julie walking through the newsroom with her running shoes on and bulky sock holding her mic in place, well, it's a pretty funny-looking sight the first time around.

She'll walk out in front of that giant green screen, look into the camera, flash that ear to ear smile and say, " Good morning."

After nine years at the Deuce, Julie is moving on. She's beginning a new chapter in her life, one that doesn't require such a demanding schedule. This business can take a toll on you, especially when you're in front of the cameras. And like many of you who work a non-traditional 8 to 5 shift, it's not something you can do forever.

I've had the pleasure of working with Julie twice in my career. We've worked alongside in the field and in the station, so I've gotten to know what it's like to see her in action on a daily basis. But it was her work this year on her Tulsa Run training blogs that I'll remember most.

It was her final blog before the run in which she dedicated each mile of 9.3-mile race that really touched me. It would have been easy to say, "I'm doing this for me!" But during her training, Julie knew all that time spent sweating it out in the gym, on the treadmill, in the neighborhood, on the trails of Riverside - it was always for someone else. That is Julie.

We're not sure what's up next for Julie, but one thing can be for certain - she'll attack it with the same dedication and commitment to excellence that pushed her to be the meteorologist our viewers came to trust, and all of us at the station came to admire.

Good luck Julie from your family at KJRH. We'll miss you, and your bulky sock!


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