Al Sharpton cancels trip to Tulsa, Jesse Jackson, Benjamin Jealous to speak

TULSA - UPDATE 1:50 p.m. ----------

In a statement, Al Sharpton says he is canceling his trip to Tulsa and will work to raise money for the Good Friday victims from his national convention. 

"We are glad that the Prosecutors in Tulsa, Oklahoma have filed first-degree murder and hate crime charges against the two suspects in the Oklahoma shootings. I was scheduled to be in Tulsa this weekend but now feel that I can be more useful to the families of the victims to remain at my national convention and raise money for them. I will conduct my national radio broadcast from my National Convention Sunday and will kick off the drive with $3,000 from National Action Network, $1,000 for each family of the three deceased victims. I am available to come to visit at the family's request at a later date."


Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson will speak to an expected crowd of 1,500 people Saturday in a north Tulsa church.

Jackson will be speaking at 6 p.m. at the First Baptist Church North Tulsa. 

Rev. Anthony Scott, the church's senior pastor, says the high profile leader will be spreading a message of hope.

"His voice lends hope and healing to not only the community, but specifically to family members that have been devastated by the tragedy," Scott said.

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