Village on Main taking shape in City of Jenks; developers say project is only halfway complete

JENKS - It's a project that almost never got off the ground. But today construction is booming in one Tulsa suburb.

Village on Main is taking shape and changing the front door of the City of Jenks. New buildings are sprouting up.

Duane Phillips is the developer of the Village on Main. He says it is a project that almost didn't happen.

"About five years ago we started buying up properties,” Phillips said. “We bought over 30 properties – homes, trailer parks in the back, a couple of businesses on Main Street itself, demolished everything. And then we were hit by the economy"

A few years ago, a couple of investors joined in and no longer is this project stuck in idle.

Construction is full steam ahead these days.

A new First Oklahoma Bank building is taking shape and should open this summer.

Already open, Utica Park Clinic, Waterfront Grill and Green Acres grocery store.

All this construction over the past couple of years, and they are only about half way done.

Phillips says there is a lot more still to come. In the next couple of years, Jenks will have a whole new look.

Next up a new apartment complex, an office building, and then a hotel to fill in the gap near the aquarium.

It's another major project near the Arkansas River, and the developer says there could be a lot more projects like this one, if Tulsa could get water in the river.

"The low water dam for Jenks and the one they are planning for the City of Tulsa will be a great improvement for the entire county of Tulsa,” Phillips said. “I think there would be so much more development on the river if we can get the low water dams in."

Developers say they hope to fully complete the Village on Main project in the next three to five years.

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