Police say Jenks woman high on aerosol crashes into home and sparks fire

JENKS, Okla. - What starts out as a peaceful Labor Day for a Jenks couple ends with a rude awakening right inside their home near 120th and Elwood.

Police say 52-year-old Elizabeth Carella was high on 3M Dust Remover Spray when she crashed her BMW into a home. The incident was just three blocks away from Carella's home.

Carella left the roadway on Elwood Avenue, driving more than 300 feet before mowing down a fence, crashing into a transformer and then into a home.

The homeowners say they had to yell at Carella to turn off her car and get out. She was inside with no response.

Police say Carella fled to a nearby church. When officers approached her outside the church, Carella denied the incident and denied ever driving the car. Officers found a BMW key inside her purse.

The homeowners were sitting inside on the couch at the time of the crash. They say first the electricity went out, then they heard a big boom. Luckily no one was injured.

The Jenks and Glenpool Fire Departments responded to the blaze. The home is a total loss.

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