Jenks, Norman superintendents place bet on Friday's 6A Oklahoma State Championship game

JENKS, Okla. - Members of either the Jenks or the Norman school board will see their superintendent next meeting wearing the football jersey of the other school district's team.

Who will be wearing what will be determined by the outcome the game beginning at 7:30 p.m. this Friday at Boone Pickens Stadium at Oklahoma State University where the Norman North Timberwolves and the Jenks Trojans will be battling it out for the 6A Oklahoma State Championship title.

Jenks Superintendent Dr. Kirby Lehman recently accepted a challenge by Norman Public Schools' Superintendent Dr. Joe Siano that the superintendent of lesser scoring team at the end of the fourth quarter that night has to wear the victor's football jersey at his own next regular Board of Education meeting.

Siano said while he doesn't expect to have to wear the jersey, wearing one will be a difficult task.

"A Jenks Trojan jersey has absolutely no place in a Norman Board of Education meeting," he said. "Actually, I am good friends with Dr. Lehman and I think he will look very regal sporting a Timberwolf jersey at his next Jenks Board of Education meeting."

Dr. Lehman offered comments of his own of his own saying, "As one who is less conversant with terminology like 'bet' and 'wager' than is my esteemed colleague from Norman, along with great trepidation based on the numerous high quality scholar-athletes at Norman North High School this year, I accept the Norman Superintendent's challenge on ‘jersey wearing' at our respective next school board meeting."

According to Jenks school officials, while Jenks has earned 12 state championships in its district's history, this will be the first time Norman North has been in the game since its founding in 1997.

"Our community's theme for Friday is ‘All In,' and it aptly describes our support for our Timberwolves," Siano said. "In all sincerity, our worthy friends from Jenks have a storied, successful program and we look forward to a very exciting matchup with them come Friday."

"In Jenks, we respect and admire the academic and athletic traditions associated with the Norman School District. On Friday, it will be "business as usual" in the Jenks School District classrooms," said Lehman. "Friday evening both teams have a wonderful opportunity on the field at Stillwater. Hopefully, it will be a great and safe evening for players and fans. However, I do not look good in green."

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