Tulsa mother furious with Jenks man accused of groping her daughter in jail lobby

TULSA - A Tulsa mother says she is infuriated after a Jenks man is accused of assaulting her daughter, just moments after he was released from jail.

On Feb. 1, Luke Russell , 23,  was jailed on a complaint of public intoxication.

According to public records, he was released on the following day at 12:47 p.m.

By 1:20 p.m., he was arrested again after a 14-year-old girl told deputies he had groped her while she was sitting in the jail lobby.

"Nobody deserves to be treated that way," said the girl's mother, who wished to conceal her identity.

According to the arrest report, Russell sat down next to the teenager, "then touched and squeezed her butt." The girl's mother tells 2NEWS that her daughter immediately jumped up and ran to safety.

"I was just ready to be a momma bear, to be honest, and rip somebody's freaking head off," she said. "... I wanted to go punch the guy in the face or beat the s--- out of him with my cane."

The girl was at the jail to visit her father, who is incarcerated. Now her mother says she is traumatized over what happened.

"She's been having nightmares since Sunday," she said."I have to hold her at night. She has her own bed, but she's been sleeping on mine now."

Russell was arrested on one complaint of lewd molestation of a minor under the age of 16.

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