Jeff Elkins, First Baptist Church of Tulsa minister, returns from Olympic Winter Games in Sochi

TULSA - A Tulsa man is sharing his memories of his time in Sochi during the winter Olympics. 

Jeff Elkins, the minister of worship at First Baptist Church of Tulsa, says he and the singing churchmen of Oklahoma planned a trip to the city more than a year ago. Their goal was to share the gospel through singing. 

"We thought going to the Olympics would be a great way for us to go to the world where many countries would be there at the same time," Elkins said.

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The group of men traveled more than 30 hours to Russia. Elkins says they stayed on a cruise ship in Sochi for five days. 

"It was a very unique different city. More people own cars. There's more traffic. It's more modernized...It was a beautiful place. It was really cool to be there," Elkins said. 

Elkins says during the games there were several layers of security to make sure everyone was safe.

"I was a little nervous for our safety because we heard so many bad things preceding our arriving in Russia, but found it to be so secure...We had to go on our faith which is what we do in the work we do," Elkins said. 

Elkins says once the men landed in Russia, they got to work going to towns and villages. They sang up to 50 songs a day to anyone who would listen. 

"Guys would go up to the north and sing, the village up on the mountain anywhere we could sing we would break into song," Elkins said. 

Elkins returned to Tulsa Friday. He says more men in the singing group are expected to return this week. 



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