Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame's financial woes could lead to canceled weddings

TULSA - It's a bride's worst nightmare.

Mailed invitations. Checked over seating charts. A canceled wedding.

That situation could be a reality for brides renting out Oklahoma's Jazz Hall of Fame this year.

Tulsa County Commissioner John Smaligo says the historic Hall of Fame is $65,000 behind on bills.

Yet weddings continue to be booked inside the venue, raising questions for those with down payments.

Robin Teter's daughter is on the hall's docket, scheduled to wed Oct. 20.

The only problem: The hall has until Oct. 8 to pay its bills or they could be evicted.

And Smaligo says Tulsa County, who rents out the building to the Hall of Fame isn't ruling anything out.

"They're failing to perform their obligation under the terms of the lease," he said. "We're going to do everything we can but I can't give any assurances right now."

And when asked about the possibility of broken wedding plans, Smaligo says city involvement is a gray area as the money was paid to a private group, but hopes it doesn't come to that.

"Best case scenario for this entire situation is for the Jazz Hall of Fame to pay their utilities," he said. "If they pay, there is no issue."

Teter says she paid the entire $3,500 in January to rent out the venue. Now that the wedding is a month away, she's worried.

"Everything looked wonderful and it appeared to be well run," Teter said. "Now it's crumbling before their eyes. It's a huge disappointment."

Hall of Fame CEO Jason McIntosh said Tuesday the hall started repaying bills thanks to donors and assured they would stay.

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