Jared Shoemaker Memorial Walk to honor fallen soldier, raise funds for Special Olympics

MANNFORD -- An inspirational journey kicked off Monday from Tulsa.

A group of people set off Monday morning on the Jared Shoemaker Memorial Walk, a 75-mile walk to Stillwater.

The walk is an annual memorial to honor former Tulsa police officer and U.S. Marine Jared Shoemaker. Shoemaker died while serving in Iraq in 2006.

Members of his battalion come every year to walk in his memory.

"It's great every year to come back to this in Oklahoma where everyone can kind of pick up where they left off and honor the memory of the ones who didn't come home, and say ‘hi’ to each other and their families," said Cor Micklynch, who served with Shoemaker in Fallujah, Iraq.

Law enforcement, military and citizens walk from Tulsa to Stillwater over the course of three days.

The three-day walk raises money in Shoemaker's name for Special Olympics of Oklahoma.

The route began at Avery Drive in Mannford to Highway 51, and participants will travel through the cities of Yale and Stillwater.

They will arrive at Oklahoma State University to join the opening ceremonies of the Special Olympics.

This is the fifth year the group has made the trek.
Donations can be made here .

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