Israeli living in Tulsa watches conflict closely

TULSA - Thousands of miles away from Israel, many Tulsans are keeping a close eye on the conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants.

Tulsan Yosi Ashur is staying in close contact with his family and friends in Israel.

Ashur has lived in Tulsa for two years. He lived the rest of his life in Israel. He's moving back this summer.

"I like Tulsa. Tulsa has been good to us, to my family and to me personally," he said.

As violence continues to escalate, his thoughts are with his family.

"We are Skyping and talking to my family the whole time. It's rough to feel I can't help so much," he said.

Ashur says conflict has become all too familiar.

"And you know what's strange? We get used to it. Which I find depressing sometimes."

He says it affects much more than Jerusalem.

"Israel is tiny. So when you're asking, 'are you close to the Gaza Strip?' Everybody [is] close, everybody [is] affected. Israel is a tiny piece of the Middle East," Ashur said.

Despite uncertainty about what lies in the future, Ashur believes finding peace isn't out of the question.
"I strongly believe that peace is very possible. It won't be the Walt Disney kind of peace, we are not going to hug and kiss each other. It won't happen in my lifetime, I don't think so," he said.

2NEWS also visited the Islamic Center in Tulsa. They weren't able to put us in touch with any Tulsans with ties to Palestine.

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