Investigators search Oklahoma apartment for clues in Phoenix deadly bank robbery

Phoenix - On Monday federal investigators searched the former apartment of Mario Garnett in Oklahoma and interviewed his family in the state.

Garnett is suspected of leading authorities on a multi-state bank robbery spree and killing a Mississippi officer. Garnett was shot and killed outside a bank in Phoenix over the weekend.

Investigators released surveillance video and the 911 call that help lead them to the suspect. Garnett is seen walking into the bank gun in hand and his face covered. Minutes later he is also seen blocking the front door.

Witnesses inside the bank say Garnett indicated he would not be going down without a fight. As the Garnett stepped outside the bank, gunfire erupted and he was killed.

Investigators say Garnett had a history of trouble with the law. In 2010, he was convicted and served time for making threats against President Obama. He was living in Oklahoma City at the time.

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