Vision 2: Who's giving to the campaign

Money helps, especially in political campaigns. It pays for signs, buttons and ads, which help get the word out.

So the 2NEWS Investigators went to work, finding out who's giving to the Vision2 campaigns.

On the pro Vision2 side, it's raking in almost $600,000.


It comes from supporters like American Airlines and it's union. Hotels and the Creek Nation also donated. They can benefit from river improvements -- part of Vision2.

But one group may surprise you: hospitals and health systems.

Saint Francis gave $35,000, while Hillcrest and St. John each gave $25,000.

They say it makes for a better Tulsa.

"It covers training of doctors and nurse, jobs at the airport, the detention center for the kids out on the west side of town," said Richard Boone, the Foundation President of St. John Health System.

As for the tax extension's opponents, individuals -- not businesses -- have been footing the bill.

"It's been citizens just individuals that give what they can, that believe in what we're doing," said Rhonda Vuillemont-Smith, who has organized opposition group Citizens for a Better Vision.

Those against Vision2 come in at about $11,000 in cash and donations, a fraction of what the supporter brought in.

"It shouldn't be a competition about raising money," said Vuillemont-Smith. "It should be about the message and it should be about the people."

A message that's spread with a price tag.

"We seldom ever are able to contribute to specific initiatives, but this one is so important," said Boone.

Since the opposition group filed as a Limited Liability Corporation, they are not required to report campaign finances with the state Ethics Commission as long as they're spending money from it's treasury fund.

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