That big online discount for software might be a pirate's work

That too-good-to-be-true online deal on software might be because it's being sold by a pirate.

Authorities discovered one man selling pirated copies of Adobe multimedia software on eBay at up to a 25 percent discount.

Postal inspectors began tracking him after Adobe's anti-piracy group received thousands of complaints.

The inspectors went undercover, setting up eBay profiles to buy the bogus software and test it for authenticity.

They quickly realized the suspect was making a fortune.

"He went from $0 a month to $42,000 dollars a month and is able to provide a lavish lifestyle," said U.S. Postal Inspector Jan Kostka.

That lifestyle included luxury cars - a high-end Mercedes, BMW and Pontiac GTO. And that's not all.

"We seized $144,000 in cash, numerous counterfeit boxes of software, high-speed CD duplicator," said Kostka.

What investigators found most troubling about this case was how simple it was to pull off.

"The ease with which my suspect was able to take somebody else's brilliance and hard work and turn it into easy profit for himself and an undeserving lifestyle, and how long he got away with it," said Kostka.

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