Restaurant owner feels unfairly targeted by Tulsa Co. Health Dept.

Instead of making pizzas, the staff at Shotgun Sam's Pizza Palace spent Thursday cleaning and getting up to code with the Tulsa County Health Department.

The owner, Tim Rice, says on Wednesday the health department arrived to check on the restaurant and said the meat wasn't at the proper temperature. Rice says he had to throw out all the meat. He said the temperature was only two degrees over the proper temperature.

Rice showed us how the air easily escapes from the coolers, when the door is opened. Throwing out the meat cost him $600.

He feels he was unfairly targeted.

"It's not that I don't want health department rules and regulations and I don't want to follow them. I just want to be treated fairly and that's not happening," said Tim Rice, owner of Shotgun Sam's.

But Elizabeth Nutt with the Tulsa County Health Department says it was just doing its job.

"Typically, we treat everybody the same and we did receive a complaint on the facility and our policy is that we investigate every complaint," said Elizabeth Nutt.

Shotgun Sam's was set to open May 5 but that was put on hold after a health department inspection found violations then too. So it opened three weeks later and now is faced with another issue. It's frustrating to Rice who mentioned he just wants to get everything resolved.

"I want to bury the hatchet. Whatever the hatchet is," said Rice.

Nutt agrees, "Having a good working relationship with all of our operators is always our ultimate goal."

Rice plans to open the restaurant on Friday.

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