Glenpool's city manager retires, leaves with extended severence package

GLENPOOL, Okla. - Waking up a sleepy suburb, that's just what the mayor of Glenpool says Ed Tinker did. The mayor touts Tinker, the city manager, with getting the new conference center and city hall.

But the 2NEWS Investigators found buried in those accomplishments concerns over possible bidding law violations and poor management of public money.

They are all concerns listed by the state auditor in a recent review of the city's spending practices.

The auditor sent his concerns to the district attorney. Now, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is launching an investigation.

At the same time, Tinker announced his retirement, just six months into a new two-year contract. Tinker's been with the city for seven years.

Glenpool's mayor, Momodou Cessay, says he was not surprised by Tinker's announcement.

"He was thinking about retiring. The will of the majority of the council was to honor that," said Cessay.

The 2NEWS Investigators obtained Tinker's contract.

It says he gets six months severance pay when he leaves. Then we looked at his settlement agreement. Basically, it's a document that wraps up lose ends. It says he'll get nine months pay -- three months longer than his contract said he was supposed to get. The extra three months add up to $60,000.

His total package is $177,000. It's all paid for by the taxpayer.

Glenpool City Councilor Alyce Korb voted for the deal. She didn't want to do an interview, but did talk to us briefly. Korb said she's legally not able to talk about specifics of the agreement, but said she feels it's in the best interest of Glenpool..

She also sent the 2NEWS Investigators this statement: "It was a mutual agreement between Mr. Tinker and the majority of the city council. Mr. Tinker has done alot of great things for Glenpool, and he will be deeply missed."

The other councilor who voted yes, Trish Agee, didn't return our calls or emails.

While Cessay feels Tinker has done great work for the city, he voted no on the deal to pay Tinker nine months instead of the original six.

"I'm not willing to pay him any dime for any month he hasn't worked," he said.

He respects the councilors decisions, but said, "I don't think it's a good way to spend taxpayer money, and I don't believe in paying anybody for work not being performed."

Tinker has declined to comment. His last day is Jan. 13. He was city manager for the City of Glenpool for seven years.

As for the OSBI investigation, it is just getting underway, so no word on when that will wrap up.

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