2NEWS Investigates: 5 city employees fired, accused of double-dipping with 2nd employers

TULSA - The 2NEWS Investigators learned five City of Tulsa employees were fired. They were accused of working for another employer, while getting paid by the city.    

The five employees work for the City of Tulsa's Engineering Services Department's survey and locate crews.

City officials say the investigation into the employees was launched after an anonymous caller made a tip to the City of Tulsa's ethics hotline.

We asked Mayor Dewey Bartlett for an on-camera interview and received a statement regarding the City of Tulsa's ethics hotline tip and the city's investigation.

The statement said, "Most City employees are hard-working and ethical, but we take allegations of abuse or fraud very seriously. In this case, our Ethics Hotline worked exactly as designed to provide the public or other employees an avenue to share their information with us so that we can investigate and take corrective action if warranted. This investigation substantiated the claim and we were able to respond quickly, and we think appropriately under the circumstances, to safeguard taxpayer dollars."

The 2NEWS Investigators have requested to know where these five employees were working, how long this went on and how much money they were paid by the city while working somewhere else. The City of Tulsa has not responded to our request.

Meanwhile, the city says the five ex-employees could face criminal charges.

The 2NEWS Investigators will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest.

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