Did you really just inherit millions of dollars?

The 2NEWS Investigators have uncovered a heartbreaking story that comes with an important lesson-- how to avoid falling victim and losing your life's savings.

Pamela Peddie says, "He told me a wonderful thing had happened while I was gone… we wouldn't have to worry about money anymore."

Pamela Peddie's husband, Harry, had received a life-changing email while she was away caring for her sick parents.

"My husband had been on the computer and got a letter saying he had inherited money from a relative who had died."

They would get $8 million dollars.  All he needed to do was pay a fee to get the inheritance.

"The scam started… that started the loss of everything we own."

After the first payment, the men came up with excuses for why they needed more money.

Eventually, the Peddie's sent almost half a million dollars.  That was their retirement and life savings.

"My husband lost his life, his spirit is broken. He sits in his robe all day…"

U.S. Postal Inspector Michael Desroisres says, "I personally interviewed the doctor and his wife and this story was heart breaking."

Postal inspectors say the story is all too common.  They began working the case and along with authorities abroad, were able to extradite and convict the suspects.

Inspectors say all consumers need to remember is,  "Before you send money, check, credit card number be sure you trust where it is going because if it is a scam, you will never see that money again."

Despite what's happened to her and her husband, Pamela Peddie tries to remain optimistic.

"It's not easy… but they have not broken my spirit."

All the more reason to be very wary of anyone who demands money upfront before they'll send you money that's supposedly yours.

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