City of Tulsa pay changes: Deadline to decide between loss of pay or loss of vacation

In March, the city is going from 24 pay periods to 26.

The change affects non-sworn City of Tulsa employees, that's basically anyone that's not police or fire.

It includes about 2,000 City of Tulsa workers.

The change will cause employees to lose a week's pay. Employees do have the option of selling back their vacation to make up for the loss.

The 2NEWS Investigators obtained a form that city employees had to turn in by Friday with a decision. The form asked employees if they wanted to take a loss in pay or a sell-back of their vacation.

The union says the pay change is a violation of their contract and cautioned members not to sign it.

"We're very, very concerned that anyone who signs that form will be waving their right to file a complaint with the Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division or likely, any other outside agency," said Michael Rider, a City Employee Union

City leaders denied our request for an on-camera interview but did answer questions by e-mail, saying quote: "Going to payment-in-arrears pushes back pay by a week so there is a perceived change in pay but that is why the city allowed employees to use floating holidays and/or vacation hours up to 40 hours of pay..."

After the 2NEWS Investigators starting asking the city questions, the city sent out a revised memo about the payroll change.

The change said employees aren't getting 26 paychecks this year after all, they'll get 25.

The 2NEWS Investigators will continue to stay on this story and bring you any developments.

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