City of Tulsa budget cuts likely to make up for winter storm clean-up expenses

This winter has certainly been a busy one for road crews. As the snow piles on so does the expense to clear it.

So far the city is over budget by up to $200,000, just paying for overtime to clean-up after storms.

It's a cost Tulsa City Councilor Phil Lakin says the city has to find a way to deal with, no matter what.

"We've got to take care of the roads. It's a basic governmental service that we're providing and if we don't provide it then we end up paying a lot more because our economy will basically shutdown," said Councilor Lakin.

On Monday, the 2NEWS Investigators told you how citizens were concerned that downtown roads didn't appear plowed.

The mayor's office told us road crews first focused on main city streets like 21st and 31st. Also, the mayor said the city opted not to hire contractors to help with the clean-up as a way to save money.

However, if another storm happens this season, there will likely be more overtime and the city will be even more over budget. The city still has four more months in the fiscal year, that will include the spring storm seasons and possibly more storm clean-up.

The mayor says paying for the expense means cuts elsewhere.

Lakin says it's just a cost the city has to find a way to pay.

"We have to find some other small place to cut, or some other position not to hire or do something very similar in order to account for this," said Lakin.

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