Councilors want answers from city I.T. on security

Councilors want to know why it took two years for the city to come up to par with information technology standards for the city's website.

This after 2NEWS Investigators showed Councilor Jeannie Cue a letter from the Bank of America saying the city was not meeting those standards and that could put information at risk.

Major Brooks, the interim I.T. director, says the information technology department has been working on improvements, but says it's a challenge keeping up with technology demands.

The city just got into compliance about two weeks ago, but before that Bank of America had sent three letters urging the city to meet the standards.

Now an audit is planned. It will cost the city $120,000.

Brooks thinks that will really improve things.

Council Cue sure hopes so.

"If the city of Tulsa chooses to accept credit cards, that's something that will have to be addressed and it's going to be a full time job just staying on top of it with quarterly reports and yearly compliance issues," said Brooks.

"They have so much information with citizens' phone numbers, addresses, bank cards. We need to make sure that's secure so we need be on top with all the leading technology. and I think in the past that has not been a priority," said Cue.

The director was placed on paid administrative leave after there was a hacking scare into the city's website.
No one's information was compromised.

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