Open records: City of Tulsa website had been out of compliance for 2 years

TULSA - For the first time in two years the city of Tulsa's website is in compliance with information protection guidelines.

According to documents the 2NEWS Investigators obtained as part of an open records request, the city of Tulsa received at least three letters from Bank of America from 2010 up until this year, saying the city was out of compliance.

On Tuesday, the city received a letter saying enough adjustments have been made, making Tulsa's website fully compliant.

University of Tulsa information technology expert John Hale said exercising outside of information standards risks credit card theft and fraud.

The city of Tulsa's interim IT Director Maj. Jonathan Brooks said the department has worked to rectify the security problems, despite ever-changing technology.

"That's just one of the struggles that we go through. Technology changes and this is an ongoing process," said Brooks.

But when the 2NEWS Investigators asked when exactly the department first began making changes, Brooks said he didn't know about that having only recently assumed the director position.

Brooks took over in October after Tom Golliver was placed on administrative leave when the city spent thousands investigating a website hacking scare.

Brooks said the non-compliance issue certainly came up during the scare, further prompting IT experts to change out software and hardware to meet security standards.

Still, Tulsa City Councilor Jeannie Cue wants more for citizens.

"As city councilors, we want the city to be run properly and we should not have problems like this," said Cue.

Cue said she she will be taking what the 2NEWS Investigators uncovered to an upcoming council meeting.

We should point out there is no information indicating any personal information was compromised.

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