City manager retiring, months after state audit released

It's a follow-up to a story the 2NEWS Investigators first brought you three months ago, when we told you a state audit accused city leaders of not complying with state bidding laws and the Open Records

The state audit sites concerns that Ed Tinker, the city manager, hired his daughter's company to help with a new sign at the city hall/convention center and possibly didn't follow bidding laws.

There were also concerns over how Tinker managed public money and violations of the state open records law.

The 2NEWS Investigators talked to the District Attorney, Tim Harris.  

He told us the state audit contained enough cause to ask the OSBI to look into the allegations.

Harris told us he brought the audit concerns before a recently convened grand jury, but the jury agreed it would be best to have the OSBI look into the case, which it has agreed to do.

Meanwhile, the city of Glenpool hired a private a company to conduct its own audit.

The city treasurer did not want to do an on-camera interview, but sent us a statement saying the local auditor said,"... This year's audit was the best yet, because they had no findings...", meaning no major issues need to be corrected.

Just months after the state audit came out, alleging concerns over possible state law violations, Tinker announced his retirement.

The 2NEWS Investigators obtained Tinker's contract, which just started six months ago and wasn't set to end until 2015.

Even though, Tinker recently signed a new contract, the mayor doesn't find Tinker's retirement a surprise.

"He was thinking about retiring, the will of the majority of the council was to honor that," said Glenpool Mayor Momodou Cessay.

According to Tinker's contract he is set to get six months severance pay when leaving the job.

However, according to Tinker's final agreement with the city, called a separation agreement, Tinker is getting nine months pay, not six.

They mayor says Tinker's total severance package comes in at $177,000.

The 2NEWS Investigators are looking into why city officials added three month pay to Tinker's severance. See more of our investigation as we track your tax dollars Tuesday night at 10.

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