Tulsa city councilors discuss concerns over cut in employees pay

TULSA - Tulsa city councilors say they're getting calls from employees concerned over a change in city payroll and the impact it's having on their pocketbook.

The city is going from 24 pay days a year to 26, a change affecting 1,400 non-sworn City of Tulsa employees. The city manager says that change will cause employees to lose a week's pay.

"When we transition though, that does create a short pay period," said Tulsa City Manager Jim Twombly.
Employees had the option of selling back vacation or taking the financial hit, but it's that loss in pay, that's a concern for city employees."

The union calls it a back-door furlough.

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The 2NEWS Investigators took that to Councilor Jeannie Cue.

"We're just trying to get some questions answered for the employees. They are our citizens, and we are their voice," said Cue.

But Jim Twombly says employees will get their full pay. It's just now they'll be paid on the back end. Still, the union says it's short a paycheck either way. Councilor Cue says she'll keep looking into it.

"That's where we're going to look to see if over 2015 if that money is not made up in that week," said Cue.

Twombly says he's happy to sit down and discuss the new pay structure with employees, and the employees union says they'd welcome that.

One item that did come out of the meeting: possible financial assistance for employees who are losing a week's pay.

"We are going to look into that definitely. We'll make contact today," said Twombly.

It's something the 2NEWS Investigators will continue to follow.

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