Tulsa city councilors want answers after 2NEWS Investigators expose concerns over payroll change

The 2NEWS Investigators exposed concerns over the City of Tulsa's change in payroll that will take effect March 1.

City of Tulsa employees and the employees' union say the change is costing employees money. The change over in payroll will cause employees to lose 40 hours of pay.

The 2NEWS Investigators told Tulsa City councilors Jeannie Cue, Arianna Moore and Jack Henderson about the employees' concerns: now she's demanding answers.

Councilor Cue requested someone from the mayor's office attend Thursday afternoon's council meeting to address some of the employees' concerns.

It affects all non-sworn city employees - anyone that's not police or fire.

Under the new system, employees will get paid 26 times a year instead of 24, that means each paycheck will be less but there will be more of them.

However, since the change is taking place three months into the year, there will be 25 paychecks in 2014, not 26.

The employee's union says that means employees will be shorted pay throughout the year.

City employees were given the option of losing a week's pay or selling-back their vacation. Still, the union says that's a violation of the contract.

Councilors Cue, Moore and Henderson have concerns and wants to make sure employees are getting the pay they're promised. The item will be discussed on Thursday at the council's 1 p.m. Public Works Committee Meeting.

The 2NEWS Investigators will be at the meeting and be sure to keep you updated.

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