Tulsa students reflective of stats: 1 in 5 Oklahoma teens have abused prescription drugs, CDC says

TULSA - The 2NEWS Investigators found one in five Oklahoma teens has taken a prescription drugs that they didn't get prescribed from a doctor.

The numbers are startling. According to the Center for Disease Control, teen poisoning deaths have risen dramatically in recent years.

Teen Drug Abuse Stats (http://bit.ly/CDCdrug)

The agency says that's largely due to prescription drug overdoses.

On Tuesday, nine Tulsa middle school students took a non-prescribed medication used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression, according to a TPS spokesman.

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Four Norman High School students were rushed to a hospital for an apparent overdose only a day prior.

The CDC says it's taking measures to reduce abuse, like improving state tracking of who's getting prescription drugs and holding doctors accountable for prescribing them.

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