Breast Impressions, Turn Tulsa Pink's non-profit status reinstated 11 months after revocation

A well-known Tulsa charity that lost its non-profit status last May is back in good standing with the IRS.

For almost 11 months, any donation made to Turn Tulsa Pink was not tax deductible after the parent organization, Breast Impressions Foundation, lost its non-profit status for failing to turn in tax forms three years in a row.

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Turn Tulsa Pink is the fundraising arm of Breast Impressions, a local non-profit that helps breast cancer patients.

The non-profit revocation happened in May but wasn't made public by the IRS until August.

Judy Grove, the charity's president, called the mistake a clerical error.

To regain the 501(c)(3) status, Breast Impressions and Turn Tulsa Pink had to submit new forms to the IRS and a letter asking to be reinstated.

LINK: Reinstatement letter

The 2NEWS Investigators obtained a copy of a letter from the IRS saying Turn Tulsa Pink is now tax exempt once again.

It also says the tax exempt status is retroactive, meaning any donations made to the charity during the time period it lost its status will still be considered tax deductible.

The Oklahoma Attorney General's Office cautions giving to charities who lose their status and don't file their tax forms, or 990s.

"Without those 990s you don't know what the charity is spending money on," said Assistant Attorney General Julie Bays.

A 990 shows who charities give money to, how much they give and how much they spend on expenses.  For more information on what the AG says to look for in a charity, click here .

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