2NEWS investigators look into company behind gas valve

TULSA - A south Tulsa neighborhood was awakened early Monday by emergency crews evacuating the area after a valve malfunctioned on a high-pressure natural gas line.

Within hours Oklahoma Natural Gas crews made temporary repairs, stopping the gas from escaping the pipeline, and residents were allowed to return to their homes.

Officials say they'll send the valve to the manufacturer for repairs.

The valve company involved in Monday's incident is based out of Oklahoma City. It's called Mercer Valve Company.

Officials told the 2NEWS investigators that the valve should only open if there's over-pressure, meaning a buildup of natural gas in the gas line.

However, ONG says their crews monitor its lines and there was no buildup of gas.

That's why ONG officials say the valve malfunctioned.

Mercer says it will examine the device, but in general this type of device hasn't had a history of problems and they aren't sure why it would've opened.

The 2NEWS investigators found that there have been no recalls on Mercer valves. It's a story we'll continue to follow.

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