2NEWS Investigation uncovers City of Tulsa vehicles putting public, employees in possible danger

TULSA -- Many Tulsa police, fire and street department vehicles get fixed by one city department. It's called the Equipment Management Department (EMD).

But a document obtained by the 2NEWS Investigators shows the department had a lack of training, leading to potentially catastrophic results.

The document centers around EMD maintenance manager, Walter Van Hughes.

The fire department says his "failed leadership.. resulted in inadequate and negligent repairs..."

It says in one case a fire vehicle's wheels fell off while on a call.

Then there's a complaint from the police department saying duct tape was used to fix a tire pressure sensor. Police also say incorrect repairs, "...caused the vehicle to dump fuel."

The document goes on to say there were questionable charges. The streets department says EMD made a phone call and ordered a part of their department. Then the streets department says it received a bill from EMD for $75,000, a expense just for making a phone call.

Read the full document here

In a lengthy appeal, Van Hughes cites a lack of manpower and too much workload as a reason for some of the problems.

He also includes good employee reviews and claims his innocents.

Van Hughes received five days suspension. He still works for the City of Tulsa and is appealing his suspension.

Van Hughes declined our request for comment.

The City of Tulsa sent us the following statement saying in part, "Multiple changes in the equipment management unit have been made to improve internal service, as well as vehicle and fleet maintenance."

The 2NEWS Investigators will continue to follow this issue and bring you the latest as it develops.

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