Informational meeting set up for Creek County fire victims

TULSA, Okla. - The Mannford Chamber of Commerce wants to make sure the wildfire victims stretch the financial help they've received as much as they can.

Chamber members are hosting an informational meeting for families this Tuesday September 4th at 7 p.m. at Mannford High School inside the Multi-Purpose Building.

Families are still in need. Phyllis Stoops spent her Labor Day clearing the debris off her lot where she hopes to have a new beginning. "What I'm looking for is help with a low interest loan," she said. "We're trying to buy a modular home."

Sally Walliser was pulling a burned fence off her lot.  "We're getting a trailer home in a few weeks," she said. "We had to get the fence out of the way so they can get the trailer in."

Since their homes were destroyed both Walliser and Stoops have been living in borrowed campers at the lake along with several of their neighbors. But both women are too busy with immediate plans to cry over what they lost. "Till I get my home then I can relax," said Walliser. "I gotta go and wash clothes on a bucket at the lake."

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