INCOG looks for input to improve transit system

TULSA - The Indian Council of Governments (INCOG) is looking for ways to move Tulsans forward.  They're asking for public input on a project they says would improve the transit system along Peoria Avenue.

The Bus Rapid Transit system would eliminate stops while reducing wait time for passengers along the Peoria/Riverside Corridor.

Transportation Project Coordinator James Wagner says a recent study showed several businesses, and residents are tied to the Peoria Avenue corridor.  He said it's the best way to kick off a project that will improve the transit system and can later be expanded throughout the city.

"We can do what we can with the existing system," Wagner said. "But in the future create a small sales tax to fund this system to build better system for the entire region. "

He says it's an important project and they want the public's involvement to make sure it's best suited for the community.

Two public hearings are scheduled for this project. The meetings will be held Monday July 16 at Tulsa Tech's Peoria Campus and Tuesday July 17 at South Brooke Church of Christ. Both meetings begin at 5:30 p.m.

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