Hundreds bid for bargains at city auction

TULSA - Hundreds of people spent Saturday bidding for bargains at the City of Tulsa's surplus and property auction.

More than three thousand items were available to bid on at the semi-annual auction.

The items included everything from blackberries to bicycles to buses.

The items were collected from various city departments who no longer had a need for them.

Some items, mainly electronics,  were confiscated by police during raids.

"The court deeds them over to the City and we can sell them," said Larry Hood, purchasing agent for the City of Tulsa.

Ann Macyda was one of the bidders who was browsing for a good bargain.

"We've just been here in years past and there's always been interesting things," said Macyda.

Most of the money that is collected goes to the city's general fund. If an item was purchased from another fund, then the money is sent back to that particular fund.

"We'll sell most everything," said Hood. "Very few items get left."

Hood said the number of registered bidders ranges from 400 to 800 during each auction.

The city holds the surplus auction twice a year -- in November and in May.

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