How are Green Country schools handling all these snow days?

After a couple of winter storms, students in Green Country have been able to enjoy a few snow days this school year. But many schools are close to using up all of the snow days originally built into their academic calendars.

Tulsa Public Schools built five snow days into its calendar before the year began. As of Monday, February 3rd - those days have been used up. But TPS spokesman Chris Payne said Friday the district officials aren't concerned.

"We are really comfortable with the position that we are in," he said. "Then we do have the flexibility if we would need to, we would add hours to the school day, or we could add days if we need to. But we feel pretty good about the position that we are in."

Officials have said in the past if more than five days are used, President's Day, an in-service day for teachers, and a teacher-parent conference day could be turned into full school days.

Information below was updated Monday, Feb. 3:

-- Muskogee Public Schools administrators canceled classes seven times this year due to winter weather. Because of that, from Jan. 6 until March 14, 25 minutes have been added to the elementary and junior high school days. The school days at Muskogee High will run 26 minutes longer. Classes will begin 10 minutes early and the final bell will ring 15 minutes later than usual for elementary and junior high students, 16 minutes later than usual at the high school.

-- Jenks Public Schools have burned through five winter weather and the system doesn't have any remaining. A spokeswoman with Jenks schools said if more snow days happen, time could be added to the remaining school days or some off days could be turned into school days. An exact plan would be determined if needed.

-- Claremore Public School students have been given five days off because of winter weather this year. The administration office told 2NEWS that Martin Luther King Jr. day will now be a school day. It is possible that students will also be in the classroom on President's Day. 

-- Bartlesville Public Schools has already used all four inclement weather days built into this year's academic calendar. If additional days are used, the school year will begin adding days after Memorial Day for each additional snow day.

-- Owasso, like TPS, has no snow days remaining and will be adding days or hours if they go over.

-- Sapulpa's doing just fine, with a whopping 10 built-in snow days. So far, the district has only used five.

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