Horse rescues on the rise for Tulsa SPCA

TULSA - Four neglected and malnourished horses are in the care of the Tulsa SPCA.

It is the second horse rescue in the last few weeks for the organization.

In total, eight horses were seized by the Pushmataha County Sheriff's Office this week. The Tulsa SPCA has taken over care of four of them.

"They were on death's doorstep when they came here," said Benjamin Johannsen, who is providing a foster home for the horses on behalf of the Tulsa SPCA.

The four horses are in some of the worst condition Johannsen, and his wife Morgan, have ever seen.

The couple have been providing foster care at their farm in Locust Grove for Tulsa SPCA since the summer.

"It looks like their hide is draped over their ribs," said Johannsen.

According to officials at the Tulsa SPCA, they are taking in more horses than ever.

"The drought this year is really made an increase on the price of hay, which has made it very very difficult for owners to be able to feed their horses," said Courtney Waska, the Volunteer Manager at the Tulsa SPCA.
The SPCA is even keeping a couple on their Tulsa property.

"It's very unique, we're not really set up for the horses," said Waska.

According to officials, in order to keep up their horse rescue, they are going to need more foster homes and more donations.

"It's very important to have fosters, right now we've only got room for just a few more horses until we can find more fosters for them," said Waska.

As for group rescued from Pushmataha County, they're expected to recover and be at a normal weight in about two months.

"When you get them in like this and you bring them back to health and if you can ride them or mess with them they become a companion," said Johannsen.

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office is also anticipating more calls involving malnourished horses as we head into the winter months.

If you are interested in finding out how to become a foster, donate or adopt you can all the Tulsa SPCA at (918) 428-7722 or go to their website by clicking here .

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