Homeowners and Businesses rush to stock up on dry ice; People look to preserve food in wake of storm

TULSA - Green Country homeowners and businesses are rushing to stock up on dry ice to save their perishable food. 

In wake of Tuesday's storms, one Tulsa business is seeing a 90 percent increase in walk-in customers wanting to buy dry ice.

"Busy. Non-stop...It just seem to fill back in each time you see it empty," Continental Carbonic manager David Schuttler said.

One business owner says dry ice is the key to saving her business as city crews work to restore electricity around the Tulsa metro.

"We can't be open because of the power outage ... It hasn't come back on yet," business owner Hewka Zambrano said.

An employee of Rolling Hills Senior Center says healthy food is important to the seniors looking for a meal.

"I don't want to lose our meats and our food..It's a big inconvenience because there's a lot of money in the food," Diana Wilson said.

Customers tell 2News although frustration is growing, they're hoping to get through the day and keep their food from going bad.

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