Historical marker dedicated for Standpipe Hill, which overlooked destruction of 1921 Tulsa race riot

TULSA - A historical marker was dedicated Thursday morning in downtown Tulsa where decades ago one of the city's most memorable events took place.

A crowd gathered to help preserve the history of Standpipe Hill.  Historians say it played a significant role in the Tulsa race riots of 1921. 

The Greenwood District, formerly known as Black Wall Street, is a short distance from Standpipe Hill.  When the district was destroyed in the riots, historians say people could stand atop Standpipe Hill and view the destruction, which is how many people got a sense of how significant the riots were.

A number of other stories about Standpipe Hill exist, which is why a committee formed to preserve the history.

On Thursday, a dedication ceremony took place for the new Standpipe Hill marker, which spells out some of the history for future generations.

Standpipe Hill is located on John Hope Franklin Boulevard between Detroit Avenue and Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard.

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