James Poore, Cedric Poore return to court for preliminary hearing in quadruple homicide case

TULSA - Testimony continued Tuesday in the preliminary hearing of two brothers charged with killing four women at a south Tulsa apartment earlier this year.

The ex-girlfriend of one of the suspects returned to the stand on Tuesday.

James Poore and Cedric Poore have pleaded not guilty to murder and robbery charges stemming from the Fairmont Terrace killings Jan. 7.

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The bodies of Misty Nunley, Julie Jackson, Rebeika Powell and Kayetie Melchor were found inside Powell's apartment near 61st and Peoria.

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On Monday, Jamila Jones, the former girlfriend of James Poore, testified. She said she witnessed a conversation between the brothers in which they confessed to killing the women.

Jones admitted initially lying to police at the start of the investigation.

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"I was scared if I told that they were going to do something to me and my family," Jones said.

Defense attorneys questioned Jones' credibility, calling into doubt her previous statements, which they say conflict with her current testimony.

Jones returned to the stand on Tuesday.

Defense attorneys once again grilled Jones and questioned her credibility. One attorney even asked her if she had used drugs before the court hearing.

After consulting with her attorney from the public defender's office, Jones invoked her Fifth Amendment right but later said she had not used any drugs in the last two days.

The court also heard testimony from a woman who stayed at Jones' apartment during the time of the murders.

She said she saw the two brothers leaving together right before the women were killed.

The judge, Stephen Clark, also issued a warning to people watching the proceedings in the courtroom. He said it had been brought to his attention that someone was trying to coach one of the witnesses using facial expressions.

Clark said if anyone is caught communicating with any witness, they would be removed from the courthouse.

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