Gun sales soar after President Obama's re-election; similar spike seen in 2008

OKLAHOMA CITY - Sporting goods stores in the Sooner state are seeing a spike in gun sales following President Barack Obama's re-election.

Clay Hoover works at Heartland Outdoors in Edmond. He says people remember a comment made by the president about reinstating gun bans.

"I'm definitely concerned that they're going to try to take away my firearms," said Trevor Hale.

Hoover says people are scrambling to get a gun in case they aren't allowed to anymore, and one day after President Obama's re-election sales shot up.

"We sold everything," said Hoover. "If I hadn't been nailed down they would have sold me."

The president has said a number of times he's not looking to take people's guns away, but assault weapons don't belong on the streets. Otherwise, Obama believes the Second Amendment should be protected.

Guns and ammo aren't the only items seeing increases in sales. Heartland also had a record number of people sign up for a concealed carry permit.

"We sold out an entire class in a matter of an hour and a half," said Hoover. "That's never happened before."

Retailers saw a similar spike in gun sales when Obama was first elected in 2008.