Green Country man turns to the 2NEWS Problem Solvers when tires are illegally dumped on his property

TULSA - When Tracy Witt made his daily trip to his north Tulsa storage garage and hobby shop Monday, he found his lot had become a dumping ground for tires.

It was the second Monday in the last several weeks that Tracy encountered a pile of heavy rubber donuts in the corner of his property. The pile, however, seemed to double in size Monday morning.

"They're doing it on the weekends. So when I come up here Monday morning, I get a surprise full of tires," Witt explained.

It's clear each tire in the collection of approximately 150 saw its share of the open road.

It's obvious why the person who owned the tires wanted nothing to do with them: Most are bald, many are shredded and unable to roll. 

But their reluctance to keep and dispose of the tires properly became Witt's problem. It's an unwelcome gift for Witt, whose birthday is Monday.

"I went to a couple of different shops around here and they want $2.50 to $4.00 a tire to dispose of them. So it's nice that gave me a little $500-$600 present," he said.

That's when Witt contacted the 2NEWS Problem Solvers.

The Problem Solvers made a call to the state's Department of Environmental Quality and spoke with a member of the department's land protection division. 

After explaining the situation, DEQ determined that because Witt is the victim of illegal dumping, he could have the tires hauled off his property free of charge, saving him what could have been $600 to have a local company get ride of them.

DEQ will meet Witt at his garage Wednesday to examine the tire pile and fill out paperwork. A representative with the agency is expected to pick up the lot in the next two weeks. The tires could be recycled or turned into an alternative fuel for cement kilns, according to the DEQ.

The DEQ says tire dealers should have state accounts, where they can have tires picked up free of charge.

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