Green Country educator helps students better understand 9/11

TULSA - For many of us, the 9/11 terrorist attacks are something we will never forget.  But for school-aged children, it's something they are far too young to remember.

When we think about Sept. 11, 2001, we remember the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and United Flight 93 in Pennsylvania.  As these memories are etched in the minds of millions, for children, that's not the case.

One Green Country educator is taking steps to make sure her students learn the history lesson that is 9/11.

Marsha Weddington, a teacher at Thoreau Demonstration Academy, is teaching her students what many of us simply cannot forget.

Weddington's classroom is essentially home base for about a dozen or so sixth, seventh and eighth graders.  On 9/11, these students were anywhere between one and four years old.

Many had not discussed what happened that day before the subject was broached in class this week.

The students knew what happened in New York City, but the details about the rest of that day are lost on their young minds.

Weddington spent this week educating her students on what 9/11 really means, talking mostly about the victims and their families.

"Today I want them to take away, number one, you never ever forget what happened to these victims, to their families and you don't forget what happened to the United States and how vulnerable we are," said Weddington.

She's told their stories with the hope that students can walk away with a better understanding of that day, and so far, it seems to have worked.

"I've learned more about it," said Payton Goodner, Thoreau student.  "I've always had kind of a vague idea of what it was and what it caused, but now I know more facts about the actual date."

Weddington said this is not something she plans on teaching only this week, instead she will revisit the lesson throughout the school year.

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