Governor Mary Fallin spends day in Owasso, speaks out against Oklahoma marijuana legalization

Owasso - "It goes to show Oklahoma can compete."

That's how Gov. Mary Fallin began her speech to the Owasso Chamber of Commerce. She was praising them for landing the Macy's distribution facility.

Then she focused on using 2014 as a year to focus on reforms.

"One of the things I think is important for Oklahoma is to focus on efficiency, eliminated government waste and trying to have shared services in Oklahoma," Fallin told 2News.

She made headlines earlier this month during her State of the State speech when she called for consolidating a number of state agencies.

With a tight budget, she is trying to find ways to save money.

The governor is also calling for a tax cut. She wants reduce taxes a quarter of a percent from 5.25 to 5 percent. Some question if this is the time to cut taxes being that the state is short on money as it is.

Fallin says don't expect Oklahoma to legalize marijuana as a way to boost sales tax.

"Our biggest concern is you encourage people to smoke which we have been trying to get people not to smoke. We are concerned that it's a gateway drug to other drugs people might end up on," Fallin said.

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