Good Friday victim William Allen buried

TULSA - The last of the three Good Friday shooting spree victim's was laid to rest Tuesday.

William Allen, 31, was shot while walking home in north Tulsa. About 100 people filled World Won Outreach Ministries, where Allen attended church.

Numerous friends got up to speak, giving words of comfort to his mother Desera Allen. Others shares stories about how Allen had inspired or even protected them.

In 2008 Allen graduated from Fitting Back In, a program designed for people released from prison.

"Allen would often encourage others with his smile," said Ernestine Broom, a program director. "I feel confident he's in a better place."

A few years ago Allen was in a car accident and the doctors told him walking would help ease his pain.

His mother said he would often get up at night and go out for a walk to feel better. He was found dead in front of Jack's Memory Chapel on April 6.

His mother was touched to see how many people had been personally touched by her son's life. She remembered him as being a person who looked out for women.

"He always made sure the ladies were okay, he was protective of women he didn't even know," Allen said. "If he knew they were in a dangerous spot, and he was there to make sure they were alright. I'm proud of him for that."

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