Testimony: Jake England confessed he, Alvin Watts were Good Friday shooters, court will reconvene

TULSA - The preliminary hearing for two men accused in a North Tulsa shooting spree ended Wednesday with a decision to reconvene.

The hearing included a pair of incriminating testimonies Wednesday against suspects Jake England and Alvin Watts, but it was the defense's accusation that Tulsa Police incorrectly read England his Miranda Rights that caused a Tulsa County judge to push back the hearing to Aug. 14. 

"I think it's apparent from what the officer testified to that during the time that he's talking to Mr. England, he promises that it's going to be maintained as confidential and nobody's going to find out about it," said defense attorney Clark Brewster.

"The end issue is, 'Is their sufficient evidence to bind over Mr. England and Mr. Watts for the counts of murder "And shooting with the intent to kill?'" said assistant district attorney Doug Drummond. "Ultimately that's the big issue that will happen at the preliminary hearing."

England and Watts are charged with three counts of first-degree murder, two counts of shooting with intent to kill and five counts of malicious harassment, the equivalent of hate crime charges under Oklahoma law.

North Tulsa's Good Friday shooting spree left three people dead and two injured. Investigators believe the victims were all targeted because they were black.

Both England's uncle and Cindy Wilde, the mother of his deceased fiancee, testified the 19-year-old suspect admitted to the shootings, and told them they were motivated by his father's murder.

Wilde said she spoke with England several times the day after the shootings, and testified she asked England if he committed the crimes.

"Yes, I might have," Wilde said of his response.

Wilde said she went to police because she "couldn't live with knowing what he did on my conscience." She said England told her he shot the first victim, then went to a casino before shooting the other four.

England's uncle Timothy Hoey followed, testifying his nephew confided he "killed some n------."

Hoey also told the court England said that his dead father told him to commit the shootings.

Testimony also came from Sherman Wilde, England's fiancee's brother, and Tina Cobb, who lives across the street from where one of the victims was shot and killed.

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