Arraignment postponed in Good Friday shooting spree case

TULSA - A hearing for two men charged in the Good Friday shooting spree has been postponed until the start of the new year.

Jacob England and Alvin Watts were scheduled for arraignment Monday but prosecutors had requested a delay.

Both are facing charges of first-degree murder and shooting with intent to kill.

The April 6 shooting spree left three people dead and two others injured.

England and Watts are also facing hate crime charges because all of the victims were black.

Prosecutors believe the pair may have targeted black people because England wanted to avenge his father's shooting death by a black man a few years ago.

Officials say Tulsa County prosecutors asked a judge for more time to decide whether to seek the death penalty.

"We've had a portion of our death penalty team where we've vetted some things," said Tim Harris, Tulsa County district attorney. "In this case, the defense team is requesting a meeting. I've granted them that much to listen to what they have to say. They have prepared great mitigation evidence that they provided for our review. This is the most serious decision any DA ever makes."

Attorneys for both sides will meet behind closed doors in mid-December.

"What the defense did on behalf of Mr. England is we did an extensive canvassing of witnesses, with regards to his family life, education, psychological issues and we put together a significant offering to prosecution to consider those details when making this difficult decision," said Clark Brewster, England's defense attorney.

The next court date has been scheduled for early January.

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