Glenpool city leaders change zoning to pave the way for a new apartment complex

GLENPOOL, Okla. - The city of Glenpool will soon have a major new apartment complex, though some neighbors are not happy about the idea.

Plans for the new apartments packed Monday night's meeting of the Glenpool Board of Adjustment.

"What we are going to bring is something the city has wanted and fits well with the community," said Matt Gusse, project developer for Watermark Commercial properties.

He told 2News the 348 apartments are designed to fit well next to the city's popular Walmart store, as well as its new community center complex. 

 "These buildings have drawn a lot of attention," Gusse said. "People have spent a lot of money to make them look nice and attractive and we intend to be complimentary to everything that's going on in this development here."

However, numerous citizens stepped up to the podium to voice their objections.

"Can they give you a guarantee that 20 years from now these apartment swill look just like they do now? No, they can't," said one Glenpool neighbor.

Rebecca Bell, who lives in Longhorn Estates next to the proposed complex said she is worried about how the complex will impact her neighbors. She says there is little traffic and children play safely in the street. She fears that will change once the complex is built. 

"I just hope that we can live with this decision," Bell said. "I believe some of the residents are talking about pursuing this further, fighting this further. So, we will look into that option."

Despite the neighbors concerns, members of the Board of Adjustment approved zoning changes to allow a maximum of 348 dwelling units. In addition, the height requirement was adjusted to allow buildings up to 50 feet tall to allow three-story units.

Developers say their architects moved the taller buildings to the inside of the complex and removed windows from the residential side of the apartment buildings to provide more privacy for homeowners.

The apartment complex will take up nearly 18 acres west of the Northwest corner of 126th Street and South Vancouver Avenue.

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