Geothermal wells to sit below 'A Gathering Place,' like field below Gutherie Green in Brady District

TULSA - "Just an action-packed area for kids and families and for Tulsans," project manager Jeff Stava said while describing A Gathering Place For Tulsa.

But not all of the action on the 55-acre plot of land will be happening above the ground.

Preparations are being made for several 500 foot wells to be dug. Ground is set to be broke and official construction will begin in the spring or summer of 2014.

"Right now we are working on geothermal conductivity tests," Stava said.

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The wells will be the first part of a heating and cooling system in the park, similar to a system built under Guthrie Green. Below Guthrie Green sit 120 five hundred foot wells. Pipes connecting the wells circulate the water and the earth naturally heats or cools the water to 66 degrees.

The water is then fed into pumps, eventually powering heating and air systems at several Brady Arts District buildings, cutting costs by 60 percent according to developers.

When you enter A Gathering Place the "first building you come to is the lodge," Stava said. "It is kind of the entry way into the park."

The energy created from the wells will be fed to the lodge, the heart of the new park.

"The boathouse and the lodge building, just as the Arts Humanities Council and the Matthews Building, will have geothermal well field under the park," Stava said. "That will power both the heat and cool systems for both of those buildings."

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