Generation Text, AT&T partner to instruct Edison teens on dangers on texting and driving

TULSA - Texting plays a major role in the life of a teenager.

But texting from the wrong place can have devastating results.

"The No. 1 cause of death in teens is car crashes. Drivers have an increase of a crash rate of up to 23 times more likely to happen if they are texting." said Christy Blystone with Generation Text.

Blystone and Generation Text, along with AT&T, hosted a texting-while-driving simulator class Wednesday for Tulsa teenagers at Edison High School.

"We get lots of great responses from the kids, you get them screaming and hollering and yelling, not realizing that a little turn here or a surprise there and suddenly you are off the road," Blystone said.

Participating teens are asked to make a pledge not to text and drive. More than one million teenagers have signed the pledge across the country.

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