Hundreds attend funeral for Best Buy shooting victim

A funeral service for one of last weekend's Best Buy shooting victims was held today.

Graydon Wesley Brown, 58, was shopping with his daughter at the electronic store, on July 14, when a man with a gun walked up and shot another man outside.

One of the bullets traveled into the store, striking Brown in the chest. He died a short time later at a local hospital.

Hundreds attended his funeral at Boston Avenue United Methodist Church.

Among those in attendance were Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett and councilors G.T. Bynum, Blake Ewing and Karen Gilbert.

Many mourners wore Brown's favorite color, teal. Others were given teal-colored ribbons to wear.

Reverend Dr. William Tankersley, who officiated the service, described Brown as a man full of life, and someone who loved serving the community.

Tankersley said in many ways, Brown's life was in stark contrast to the gang violence that authorities believe killed him.

Born and raised in Ponca City, Brown earned a degree in Radio and Television journalism from the University of Oklahoma in Norman.

He moved to Tulsa and started his career as a radio announcer.

He eventually changed careers and became a software programmer.

Brown married Kelly O'Neil and the couple had a daughter.

"The greatest treasure of his life was my niece," said Brown's sister, Gracelyn. "He was very devoted to his family, to his wife and his child."

Brown loved to take nature walks and dance, and enjoyed reading history and finance books. He also enjoyed watching old movies.

He served as treasurer for the Florence Park Neighborhood Association and participated in many community planning projects and activities.

Earlier this week, Tulsa police arrested three people in connection to Brown's death.

Authorities say Willie Wise, 20, walked up to Scott Norman, 33, in the Best Buy parking lot, and shot him.

Investigators believe Wise targeted Norman, a known gang member, because of his involvement in another shooting from 2011.

Brown was an innocent bystander.

Wise was arrested during a traffic stop. He is being charged with two counts of first degree murder.

Police also arrested Shania Craven, 30. She is being charged with two complaints of accessory to first-degree murder.

Police said a few days after the shooting, Craven was driving the car they believe was used to transport Wise to the Best Buy.

Another man, Jeremy Foster, was also arrested for two counts of first-degree murder. Authorities believe Foster was in the car at the time of the shooting.

A funeral service for Norman has been scheduled for Monday morning at 11 at Lifeline Outreach Ministries in North Tulsa.

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