Injured Tulane football player Devon Walker alert, responsive; Tulane, Tulsa set up donation fund

TULSA - A Tulane University football player who was seriously injured over the weekend during a game against the University of Tulsa is alert and responsive to family.

Devon Walker suffered a cervical fracture when he collided head-to-head with a teammate during a tackle just before halftime in Saturday's game at H. A. Chapman Stadium.

Walker was transported to Saint Francis by ambulance where he later underwent surgery to stabilize the fracture.

Tulsa athletic director Rick Dickson said in a press conference Monday that it was too soon to know the lasting effects of Walker's collision.

A physician with Tulane said over the weekend it may be days before they can determine the extent of Walker's injuries or if he will suffer any paralysis.

Tulsa sets up Walker fund

On Monday, the Tulane president notified the student body of Walker's accident in an email, saying the entire Tulane community is devastated over Walker's injury.

The school has set up a website for people to send Walker and his family their wishes and follow his recovery.

See the Tulane University president's email below:

September 10, 2012

Dear Tulane Community:

Devon Walker, a senior safety on our football team, was seriously injured during Saturday's game against Tulsa. Devon suffered a cervical fracture and was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, where he had surgery to stabilize his spine yesterday afternoon.

The entire Tulane community is devastated by his injury. As a father, grandfather, university president and lover of all that is Tulane, my thoughts and prayers are with Devon and his family.

Devon epitomizes the best of college athletics and scholarship. A cell and molecular biology major who plans to become a pharmacist, Devon overcame great odds and adversity to earn a starting position and a scholarship as a walk-on at Tulane.

Given his character, we are confident Devon will face his recovery with the determination and courage that define him as a person. And we will be by his side to fully support him in his journey.

We are in frequent contact with Devon's doctors, his family and teammates, providing any assistance we can, including counseling for his fellow student-athletes and coaches. Devon is receiving the best medical care possible, and we are deeply grateful to all those caring for him at St. Francis.

Many of you have asked how you can help. As we learn more about Devon's condition in the next few days we will be in a better position to offer specific suggestions. In the meantime, please keep him in your prayers and visit where you can send Devon and his family your best wishes and follow his progress.

As a community, we have always overcome adversity because we support one another, never lose faith and remember what is truly important in life. Let's use our collective strength, love and will to support Devon as he recovers.

Scott Cowen

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